Become Our Reseller

Organic Pod is looking for resellers/agents/representatives who would like to offer the Organic Pod product range in their country.

Any potential partners must already be involved in the retail industry, and:

already have their own sales network and customer base and 

have the desire and ability to bring new products onto their market

have a solid sales background and support system in place.

If you are passionate about organic and eco-friendly products, wood, gardening & electro-culture, get in touch!

  • Sample Pieces

    Before our collaboration, we will send one sample piece, so you can ensure the quality and get the feeling!

  • Small MOQ

    No need to worry, we have fair prices also for smaller test orders! Organic products are the way to go!

  • Fast Delivery

    We have the best logistic communications to ensure fast and safe delivery anywhere in the world!

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Why Choose Us ?

Our mission is to reduce the use of plastic in gardening to zero and bring a piece of nature into the concrete jungle! We are a family business from Northern Europe - Latvia.
We supply, process, manufacture and distribute our products by ourselves.

We believe in ethical forestry and electro-culture gardening.

Our customers choose us not only for our product but for the surrounding ecosystems. We sell them organic products and guide them to use electro culture in their marketing. Organic indoor gardening is the way to go! 

Our production model is inherently highly scalable, and we can increase production capacity at a high-speed pace.