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Organic pod GIFT EDITION

Organic pod GIFT EDITION

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You can send Organic Pod as a gift to your special person! Or yourself...🎁
We will wrap it and ship it within 48 hours!

Kit contains:

🌱 1 natural wood organic pod weighing between kg 2,5 - 3,0

🌱 Bag of organic soil sufficient to fill the pod

🌱 1 Copper Spiral

🌱 Pod center filled with basaltic lava gravel

🌱 Instructions are printed on the inside box cover

Size: 24.5 cm x 26.5 cm x 13 cm

Weight: 2,5-3,0 kg

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  • Stress relief

    Gardening can help reduce the level of stress hormone Cortisol.

  • Self motivation

    A gardener’s self motivation comes from working towards a good yield.

  • Family bonding time

    Gardening promotes family closeness. Planning, sowing, and tending a family garden offers a shared purpose for everyone.

  • Sense of purpose

    Gardening gives you a sense of purpose. It’s a way to care for something and nurture it from a tiny seed up to a large plant.

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  • 100% Wood pod

    The timber used to produce our pods comes from FSC certified forests. This means that a sapling is planted for each fallen tree.

    Natural wood is an ideal container for growing plants and is 100% ecological, unlike traditional terracotta or plastic pots it has the ability to absorb water and gradually release it into the soil surrounding the roots of your plants.

  • Basaltic lava gravel

    Basalt is notable for its propensity to balance the overall health of the soil.

    Compared to volcanic rocks, basalt dissolves relatively quickly and therefore begins releasing nutrients to plants as soon as the roots come into contact with it and continues to do so over time ensuring a constant flow of healthy minerals.

  • Copper spiral

    Plants are sensitive to electrical charges naturally present in our atmosphere as they are to the magnetic fields of the Earth.

    Through various devices these energies can be conveyed to plants and their roots. The effects found in the application of these techniques, both on a small and large scale, are: better plant growth, greater amount of nutrients, higher crop yields.

  • Soil

    The soil we use for our pod is made of plant and animal residues at all stages of decomposition—lichens and mosses, grasses and leaves, trees, and other vegetative matter, the cells and tissues of soil organisms, and substances synthesised by the soil itself. A proper balance of carbon, nitrogen, water, and oxygen assure the best results for your organic pod plant growth.

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What is electroculture?

The first electroculture techniques date back as far as the 19th century BC, the period of the Babylonians. Then more recently, between the early 1920s and late 30s, several scientists and inventors, among which even Nikola Tesla, had carried out research on electroculture and the influence which electricity and magnetic fields have on plants.
Today these technologies are being used in some regions of our world. The objective of electroculture is to focus on and amplify our planets naturally occurring electric and magnetic forces, to increase soil fertility and therefore to assist plant growth. In nature, magnetic and electrical forces always occur jointly.
Plants are sensitive to the naturally present electrical charges in our atmosphere as well as to earth’s magnetic fields and through several devices these energies can be conveyed to plants. The effects found in the application of these techniques, both on a small and large scale are: better plant growth, increased nutrient richness, higher yields of crops. This technology is used also to protect plants from pests and diseases.